Custom Group Tours

CA' San Ponzio

With great views of the Alps, and easy access to the towns of Alba, Asti and Turin / Torino (60km). This villa lies in the heart of the Barolo region.

Our selected villas are situated in Piemonte (Piedmont), Italy in the area between La Morra, Barolo and Alba. This region is renowned for its beautiful vineyards and many of Italy's best wines, Barolo and Barbera. (Generous wines packed with Aromas).

Our temporary Italian residences boast of their hospitality and gastronomical delights of their typical regional products. Many of these villas were former farm houses passed down from family to family over the generations and have been renovated, reflecting regional architecture. Many are now classified as "Agriturismos" which in essence, allows the host to open their homes to tourist to experience the wonders of not just this region, but of the people who make it so special. I

- Individual apartments
- Private bath/showers.
- Primarily double occupancy
  (one double or queen size bed or two twin beds)
- Set up for triples available

Good Morning!

Each morning our guests enjoy a breakfast in a common area before you start out each day. All villas are within close proximity to each other.